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About BSP

The BSP was founded more than half a century ago during the Second World War. It is a modern automating manufacture, which produces all types of small army ammunition. High intellectual qualified engineering and working personnel and highly productive equipment’s (rotary and rotary conveyroting lines) enable produce qualitative products, which are fully competitive along with the world leading manufacturers products.

Today the BSP produces military and sport cartridges of 4.5mm; 7.62mm; rem 223. These outputting cartridges meet the required performance specification stated by the military standards of Russia.

The BSP has its own Test – Station where multiple products are tested and the new types of ammunition are produced   to ensure the quality of the products.

The BSP is situated in the capital of Kyrgyz Republic – Bishkek. This gives a great opportunity and makes the BSP attractive for the export sales due to the motorways, railways and airways to a lot of countries of CIS, Asia and Europe. Finally, bearing in mind the local liberal laws, which add up to the promotion of the Kyrgyz products on the global market stage, thus, it is almost impossible to find a